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Tiffany Eldredge


Tiffany Eldredge

Having lived in Tucson for over 15 years, Tiffany has a wonderful connection to this fantastic city and all it has to offer. Tiffany moved to Tucson shortly after high school to Study Film and Directing, where she developed a skill in marketing and creating content and videos. She has a long history in customer service as a former sales associate/consultant in the food and beverage industry, prior to her ventures in real estate.

Tiffany has worked with many local business owners and high-end clientele, creating strong connections and bonds. Tiffany is committed to excellence when taking care of her clients, and exceeding their needs. She is very friendly and approachable, ensuring that her clients’ experience in buying and selling homes is both enjoyable and comfortable.

Tiffany has a keen eye for design and aesthetics. A true passion of hers is helping people cultivate their personal tastes and style, and realizing them in their living spaces.

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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Tiffany Eldredge has been incredible throughout my home buying process. She’s attentive, responsive, and intuitive to trends in the industry while honoring my specific needs. She’s a consummate professional and has taken my home buying experience from overwhelming to exciting every step of the way. Highly recommend using her and the entire signature real estate team!

- Sharon Liebeskind

Tiffany was an excellent realtor for navigating our first home purchase in a challenging market. She was always available, helpful, and fun to be with. We're so happy with the home we purchased and Tiffany made it all possible.

- Julia Stuart

As a buyer buying from Phoenix, I rely extensively on a sales agent that is knowledgeable of the Tucson area, responsive, attentive, reliable and above all, trustworthy. Tiffany Eldredge fits the profile of that very person. She has been very helpful throughout my property selection and buying process. Her professionalism is highly commendable and I trust the next buyer who uses her service will echo my sentiments.


Honestly, when I decided to buy a new home two months ago, I didn't truly grasp the attributes that differentiate one real estate agent from another. I expected a good realtor would show me houses and handle all the paperwork. Little did I know. Sitting here looking out the window of my beautiful new home, I realize how lucky I was to have a great real estate agent by my side, Tiffany Eldredge. Tiffany Eldredge has a wonderful set of skills. Right out of the gate, she has the knowledge of the house buying process you would expect. However, Tiffany also has incredibly polished interpersonal skills so essential to a successful process. She is supportive, a great listener, ever watchful over the entire deal--always having your back. Tiffany is honest and kind. She will tell you the truth. When my deal was threatened, Tiffany was present and calm, tirelessly available, offering insightful counsel to ease my nerves. Looking back, Tiffany exceeded my expectations over and over again. I think that's simply what she sets out to do. That is why I can, without any hesitation, recommend Tiffany Eldredge to you.

- Jan Combs

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