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Tanner Herbert


Tanner Herbert

Tanner Herbert, the founding managing partner of the Signature Group, stands out in the real estate industry due to his personable approach, trustworthiness, and exceptional problem-solving skills. His background in the golf industry and sports marketing provides him with unique insights that enable him to strategically research, evaluate, and market properties for his sellers and buyers, catering to their specific needs. With his extensive experience, Tanner is an ideal real estate representative, skilled in navigating the complex and competitive real estate market in Tucson.

Tanner holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies from The University of Arizona and currently resides in Central Tucson. He owns multiple Airbnb and short-term rentals, making him proficient in navigating rental cap rates. Tanner was born and raised in Douglas Arizona, and he also works in Cochise County’s real estate market. In his free time, Tanner enjoys traveling, golfing, reading, and volunteering.

If you own a distressed home, inherited a property, or are falling behind on mortgage payments, Tanner offers a hassle-free solution by buying your house for cash and closing on your terms. He often offers more than his competitors and welcomes the opportunity to help you out.

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