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Ashley Fernandez


Ashley Fernandez

Ashley is a Tucson native with a deep understanding of the city and its surroundings. Prior to entering the real estate industry, she worked in the service and hospitality sector, honing her customer care skills in a fast-paced environment.

Ashley is dedicated to advocating for her clients’ interests and recognizes that buying or selling a home can be a significant life event. As such, she strives to alleviate any stress associated with the transaction and ensure a seamless transition into homeownership. Her focus is on meeting her clients’ goals and aspirations, whether that involves purchasing a dream home or relocating to a new city.

When Ashley is not busy negotiating on behalf of her clients, she enjoys spending time with her family on vacation at the beach or Disneyland.

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Ashley did a fantastic job helping me through my first home buying experience! I opted to go with a new construction, and was a much more hands-on, involved in the process, type of buyer. I was a bit nervous to deal with the builder and lender all by myself - atleast for my first experience, and Ashley was the perfect person to have in my corner. On more than one occasion she helped me address various concerns that cropped up. Ashley provided useful, actionable guidance, or leveraged her network to help find me an answer. The best example of leveraging her network came in the form of recommending a specific 3rd party for inspections during the build process. It resulted in important issues getting caught and addressed by the builder before it was too late. Not only did we end up with a sound house but she saved us thousands of dollars in future expenses. I would definitely work with Ashley again the next time I'm in the market for a new home!

- Adrian Muradian

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